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PC: Hitop Branch in West Virginia

Hi folks:

A small group of us are doing some research on a currently 
out of service (but not abandoned) NYC / PC / CR line in 
Central West Virginia that was known as the Hitop Branch (PC)
and subsequently the Hitop Running and Hitop Industrial Track.

We desparately need a copy of a PC track chart for this line,
we already have a copy of the CR chart but it only shows the
line as far as MP 28.6 near Sanderson, WV. We are currently
searching for a copy showing the original line in it's entirety,
this would be as far as MP's 35 or 36 (at or near Hitop).

Can anyone on the list help us out? I would of course reimburse
you for all expenses. If so, I'd appreciate your contacting me
off list at the following email address: rrstaff -AT- mwweb.com.

Thanks again for your assistance!

Ron Stafford

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