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Re: PC: historical society

Here are some clarifications and comments of mine on this whole
historical society discussion. I've said some of these before, so if
you didn't catch them the first time aorund, you'll want to pay
attention now....

* First, I do find it ironic that we're talking about this on April
1, which today marks 22 years since the Penn Central disappeared
into history.... :-)

* The meeting at the CRTS Convention in Cleveland was originally
discussed by Jim Hebner and I to be a social meeting of list members
and anyone else interested. This was all before the PCHS discussion
began. All it was originally intended for was for listers to meet
and put some faces with e-mail addresses. Others began talking about
using the meeting for discussing the historical society. If that
happens, so be it. The meeting has nothing to do with the CRTS. Jim
and I just figured that since we're gathering a couple hundred Conrail
fans from around the country in one place, that it would be a logical 
place and time for some PC fans to get together and mingle, swap
stories, info, what have you.

* I don't even know if it will happen or not. I'm awaiting a convention
schedule from CRTS so I can see if it is possible. More than likely
it will be an informal gathering of a few people at a local restaurant.
(I was thinking maybe the Pufferbelly in Berea, right next to the
tracks and the now-closed Berea Tower. But more on that topic later.)
Personally, I don't expect to see more than a dozen people there, since
there are only 150 people on this list, but if more come, all the

(And please don't send to me or the list any "me too" messages saying
that you can or can't come. It's irrelevant right now because nothing
has been set it stone. Thanks.)

* I will support any efforts to create a PC Historical Society, be it
real or virtual. Personally, I think it's long overdue, and I think
that despite what many people say about the PC as a railroad, you would
see plenty of interest in it. I would be more than happy to let my web
site be used for any kind of historical society-related use--disk space
is plentiful and cheap. I am also more than happy to assist a PCHS in
any way I can, but with my current situation at home and work, there
is no way that I can take an major role in the formation of a society
at this time. I do applaud the efforts of Jim Hebner taking the
initiative to seek out what we would need to do to get incorporated
and in talking to other societies.

* Since it looks like we have some momentum gaining, I may create a new
mailing list for the discussion of a historical society that would be
separate from the current list. Some people on the list might not be
interested in the discussion of a PCHS, so a separate list would give
interested people a place where they can discuss these matters without
interference from people who want to know how many trains operated over
Horse Shoe in the PC era, and vice versa. Everyone would be allowed to
belong to one or both lists, so nobody will be excluded. I thought
about doing this before, but then the PCHS idea lost steam on the list
and so I didn't worry about it.

* And yes, I live in the Cleveland area. :-)

That's my take on it right now. I will let everyone know more later
if/when the meeting of PC fans will take place at the CRTS convention.
Also, if/when I get the PCHS mailing list going, I will announce that

(One more note, while I have your attention: I am tremendously behind
in my other e-mails, so if you mailed me in the past week or so and
haven't heard from me, now you know.)


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