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RE: PC: historical society

	This idea was brought up about a month ago, I think. If memory
serves, Jerry Jordak was going to do some homework on this at a Conrail
Historical meet I think this month.
	I am still willing to handle the various administrative things
involved, such as membership rosters, dues, public notices, inquiries,
and the like.
	Regarding a get together, I live in Greensboro, NC, so I guess
NC is in the lead! Where do Jerry Jordak and Jim Hebner live? Or anyone
else for that matter. There is a MER meet in Charlotte, NC late April. I
don't know about other divisions.
	I agree with Jim; we need to get going with this.

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	> A few thoughts
	> 1 We will need to chartered as a non-profit organization
	> 2. that will mean written bylaws organization governing board
	> 3 Some sort of publication - perhaps an annual -perhaps  an
annual decal
	> perhaps custom painted car(s) 
	> 4 dues - how much?
	> Who would be willing meet some weekend ( as central as
possible ) to get
	> ball rolling. This would be a good year to start - 30 years
after its
	> Any ideas about when and where? I am flexible.
	> Before we meet we should contact other societies for a copy of
	> and publication. Investigate costs of chartering in different
states and
	> advantages or disadvantages of of chartering in different
	> I will start contacting other societies as mentioned above.
	> Jim Hebner
	> price wrote:
	> > 
	> >   I once asked about forming a historical society but the
response that
	> > followed did not seem very inviting.  I know have seen
others that are
	> > inquiring about doing the same.
	> >   I would like to hear back from any of you who would like
to tackle
	such a
	> > venture.  It would be great to get this under way.  I would
be glad to
	> > provide what resources that I have to acheive this.
Becoming a charter
	> > member of an organization is a big plus.
	> >                                  Come on Guys!!!!!!!!!!!
	> >                                   Ed Price
	> >                                   Greenville NC

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