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PC: PC Historical Society

  Just remembered today a long forgotten collection of newspaper articles I
have dating from about 1972 to 1977.   The stack is about four inches thick
and might be something worthwhile to a Historical Society.  I clipped and
saved every article I could find relating to PC from papers where I lived
at the time (Detroit and Hartford).  Most have to do with the bankruptcy,
however some interesting tidbits.   Did anybody know that PC's Jervis
Langdon Jr. was a nephew of Mark Twain?
   Also,  in the early 70's PC was accused of trying to discourage
ridership on the Ann Arbor-Detroit "Budd Car" by stopping for no reason,
holding for freights, etc.. ( We've heard it before! )   However, the few
loyal patrons and crews held birthday and holiday parties onboard and even
had a name the train contest in which "Bactrak" (spelling?) was chosen the
winner and allowed to be displayed on the outside of the train! 
   Say what you will about PC "corporate", but PC "human" was top notch!
Hope we can get some kind of a society together.  I'll add these articles
to anything else I can contribute.


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