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PC: Re: Re: Re: PC passenger decals

I wonder what magidc you used with Champion, they were adamant they had not
had it for a while.
As for another run, at a dollar per set, I would sure sign up for 15 or so.
I am looking forward to the Color Guide (I do hope that providing my wife
with copies of ads is enought of a hint for my birthday), and I think if
there is enought interest in the book run, there should be i nterest in

What was on set PH-133?  Do you know what PH-131 consisted of?


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Date: Wednesday, January 28, 1998 14:28
Subject: PC: Re: Re: PC passenger decals

>  I ordered and received the black portions of set PH-133 just last week.
>There should be more.  Champion did mention they would consider a rerun if
>they can be guaranteed sales of 300 per set.  Maybe we should "gang up"!!
>If we can get another source we'll need car names for sleepers and parlors
>which were lacking in the Champion sets.   I hope the soon to be released
>'Penn Central Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment' sparks some
>more interest.
>> From: Bengt Muten <muten -AT- reebie.com>
>> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
>> Subject: PC: Re: PC passenger decals
>> Date: Wednesday, January 28, 1998 11:51 AM
>> I calle Champion (http://www.minot.com/~champ/index.html) , only to find
>> last PH-133 were sold last august, and PH-131 long before that.  I guess
>> all have to gang up on them (or a custom house) to stimulate demand.
>> the first fundraising project for the not yet existing historical
>> Bengt Muten,
>> muten -AT- reebie.com
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>> From: Rob Carlo <robcarlo -AT- worldnet.att.net>
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>> Date: Wednesday, January 28, 1998 01:11
>> Subject: PC: PC passenger decals
>> >PC modelers,
>> >   Although Champion Decal Co. has long since discontinued PC passenger
>> >decal sets PH-131 and PH-133,  they still have several of the black
>> >lettering strips ( logos and "Penn Central") that were a part of set
>> >for stainless steel cars.  I was able to order them direct at $1.00 a
>> >piece, postage included.  Champion has a web site if anyone cares to
>> >inquire.   I'm sure they would be happy to part with these.
>> >   I was informed they have no plans to ever run these sets again due to
>> >very low sales when in production.
>> >However, Micro-scale has expressed interest in running sets of the
>> >modeled roads" of the past.  Micro-scale also has a web site.  I would
>> >suggest that PC modelers send a brief "wish list" if there is some hope
>> >some new PC decal sets.   The locomotive set #87-84 is of excellent
>> >quality.  I'm sure a new passenger and freight set would compliment it
>> >well.
>> >   With the demise of Herald King, we'll need Micro-scale to hopefully
>> >the gap.
>> >.

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