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Re: PC: PC Railroader

>>Since it would be virtually impossible to assemble a complete set now,
>>here's my offer: if you or someone else in the PC Railfan community 
>>get permission from the publisher (Robert H. Reid of McKeesport, PA), 
>>will provide Xerox copies.  Another possibility would be to make them
>>available on Jerry Jordak's PC home page (but this would take an 
>>impossibly large amount of disk space).
>This might not be the case if they could be scanned and then published 
>Adobe PDF format....   An idea, perhaps?

Suppose, also that we put them on the page, but in zipped format?

I also have a few copies (3), and would like to get some more (even if 
only Xerox copies).

--Chris Osterhus

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