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PC: PC Railroader

Robert Holzweiss wrote:
> 1975) of the PC Railroader which I believe became Rails Northeast after
> the end of the Penn Central.  Anyway, I was wondering if any list
> member may be willing to part with any extra copies or may know where
> I may acquire them.  According to the magazine, the publisher only
> distributed to about twenty hobby shops in Pennsylvania.  I assume it is a
> rare find.  I believe the magazine started around January 1973.  Any info
> would be helpful.
> Bob Holzweiss
> "Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"


I have (back in New Jersey) a complete bound set of all "PC Railroader"
and "Rails Northeast" issues.  You are right -- they are very scarce,
although I suspect occasional issues do surface in the magazine rack at
Mitchell's in Wilmington, Delaware. This was a low volume operation that
ended after the publisher suffered a series of disasters (including a
flood and a heart attack).

Since it would be virtually impossible to assemble a complete set now,
here's my offer: if you or someone else in the PC Railfan community can
get permission from the publisher (Robert H. Reid of McKeesport, PA), I
will provide Xerox copies.  Another possibility would be to make them
available on Jerry Jordak's PC home page (but this would take an almost
impossibly large amount of disk space).

I also have (with me in San Antonio, TX) the "Penn Central System
Bi-Annual" published by PC Railroader in 1974.  Amazingly, it contains
no copyright notice or date of publication.  Same deal is available --
you get the permission, and I will run copies. 

Best Wishes,

Gary Stuebben
San Antonio, TX

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