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Re: PC: PC 86'6" 70 Ton Hi-Cubes

> Does anyone have any suggestions where double doors doors can be obtained 
> for the old Quality Craft HO kit of the above mentioned car? The thought 
> of scratchbuilding them as per the kit instructions is an absolute 
> nightmare!

The QC Kits for these cars are "interesting" to say the least.  I have a 
pair of them built, and on more on the shelf.  The scratch built doors
are not really that hard. (Especially compared to the work required to
simulate the weld seams!!!)

> I bought a pair of kits for $4, thinking they would be a snap to build. 
> Good Lord!

These kits will keep you busy for quite some time.  The cast metal door 
suggestions will reduce the time you spend on the door portion of
construction, but you still have to do quite a bit on the rest of the

When completed, they are impressive. Two or three of these coupled together
consume a large hunk of real estate on most layouts...

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