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Re: PC: PC 86'6" 70 Ton Hi-Cubes

In a message dated 98-01-03 akteliz wrote:

<< Does anyone have any suggestions where double doors doors can be obtained
for the old Quality Craft HO kit of the above mentioned car? The thought of
scratchbuilding them as per the kit instructions is an absolute nightmare!
<< I bought a pair of kits for $4, thinking they would be a snap to build. 
<< Good Lord! >>

  I'm not familiar with the Quality Craft kit.  How similar is it to the the
Athearn 86-foot high cubes?
  My 1997 Walthers catalog shows some cast metal high cube doors available
from Alexander Scale Models on page 785.
  It reads, "PLUG DOORS PKG (2) EA. 1.10."  Does that mean one would need 2
packages for each car with a total of 4 doors?
  Another problem is that when I dug out an old pair of their Superior Plug
Doors about a year ago, they struck me as being so crude that I figured I
could probably build a more passable version from scratch.

    Tom Jelinek
    Bx39crle -AT- aol.com

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