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PC: Former PC 168046

Greetings all!

Yesterday afternoon while photographing box cars at the Kimberly-Clark
facility in Everett, WA, I came across an interesting car.  It's current
owner is (or it's leased to) CP as CP 211666.  It shows a built date as
10/72.  It is sporting a relatively new 5 panel door manufactured by
"TRJ".  It appears, by looking at the frame (which under all those years
of grime is still jade green) that a recent operator of the car was IATR
(1107).  Also on the frame is "CR 215337" and "PC 168046".  My copy of
the 1/82 ORER lists this as a class X75 under both the CR and PC series
(215216-215510 & 168000-168499 respectively).  The dimensional
measurements on the car match those published in the ORER.

Does anyone out there know who this car was manufactured by?  The ends
looked as though they could be PS (R4/5s) but the sill doesn't appear
consistant with PS.  Was it built by PC?  Anyone know a lot number?

Thank you for any help that my be offered.

Darrell Sawyer

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