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Re: PC: Track stories

> Date:          Tue, 23 Dec 1997 23:30:39 -0500
> From:          Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com>
> Subject:       PC: Track stories

> Next, they were switching an industry, and they came up to a place where
> the track disappeared into a large puddle (John's term was "pond"). 
> Being November in Cleveland, it was cold, and the top of the water was
> frozen. Two tracks came out of the far side of the "pond." The
> engineer pulled the locmotive up to the edge of the water and stopped.
> They then saw a turnout rise out of the water. The brakeman got off the
> locomotive, threw the turnout, and the engine continued on, with the
> turnout sinking back into the depths after the train passed.

	And here in Anderson Indiana, there was one spur used to switch
	a wire factory and foundry and ABC Rail (maker of RR switch frogs).
	Right after it crossed the main street in North Anderson eastward,
	it disappeared underground (a layer of mud) for nearly a block.
	You could always tell when the local had been through by the
	new ruts. Yes, they did go on the ground down there on occasion.
	(Wonder why?)

	The track is gone now and the wire mill and foundry is closed. The
	frog factory gets their materials and delivers by truck. :-(


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