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PC: PC aluminum trailers by Athearn

>Central 40 foot trailer which comes in Athearn's PC tractor 
w/trailer set
>(#5489) is painted aluminum as opposed to Athearn's PC 2/box 40 ft. 
>set (#5155) which comes with green trailers.  I have seen prototype 
>trailers in both colors but I believe the aluminum ones outnumbered 
the green

This is a recent development, as the tractor/trailer set used to come 
with a green trailer. I'll have to pick up a new set. Athearn has 
been doing this a lot lately, redoing the paint jobs on existing 
stock numbers without announcing the change. Another example is the 
NYC SDP-40, whih now sports the 'Cigar band' herald on the cab. (I 
know, NYC never had SDP-40s.)

Peter King in NY  

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