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Re: PC: re: Former NH FL-9

AGO3 wrote:
> For anyone interested, Amtrak in Rennselaer has a few FL-9s parked alongside
> the service road into their engine terminal.  This is on private property,
> however the high school athletic field is right next to it.  The engines are
> silent and haven't moved for awhile so I'm sure they'll still be there after
> today.

ConnDOT/Metro North still runs FL-9's on their Waterbury Division
painted in the
McGinnis New Haven black, white and red livery, they also have them
painted in MetroNorth livery that I have seen on the week-end.  I think
they are tied up at night in the East Bridgeport Yard.

They lay over in Waterbury for the turnaround to Bridgeport for a while
and you can walk up to them on ground level.

J B Knowles
RMNE/Naugatuck RR

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