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Re: PC: Fw: WNFR 2 bay covered hoppers

>The cars today are loaded at a sand plant on the Conrail (former PRR)
>main line, on a long spur off of the main between Mapleton and
>Huntingdon. (Heart of Middle Division territory here.) If memory
>serves me right (and it was only 4 weeks ago), the sand plant and
>spur is located along PA Rt 655, just south of where it crosses
>US Route 22.

This is correct. The switch to the sand plant spur is located west of
Mapleton, near Mill Creek. Many of the WNFR cars are in sand sevice from
here (this is or was a U.S. Sand & Silica plant) to the Corning Asahi plant
near State College, via CR interchange at Tyrone with the Nittany & Bald
Eagle RR. I do not know what other customers might be receiving these cars
from the Mapleton plant.


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