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Re: PC: pc 5067

alcoman wrote:
> In Gowanda NY on the NYLE there is an Alco C-425 painted in PC paint that
> came from Conway.  It is number 5067.  Anyone know if this was a NYC unit?
> Would 5067 have been the number of a NYC unit.  Any help in this matter
> would be appreciated.  The builders plates are gone and there are no
> markings on the unit which would tell me any thing other than what I have
> above
> Thanks
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According to the "Penn Central System Bi-Annual" published by PC
Railroader (early 1970s), at page 109, all Alco C-425s on the PC came
from either PRR (#2416-2446, same numbers on both PRR and PC) or NH (PC
#2450-2459, previously NH #2550-2559).  All the ex-PRR units were
maintained at Conway, while the ex-NH units were maintained at New

Gary Stuebben
San Antonio, TX

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