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Re: PC: PC caboose at Danbury

Gene Fusco wrote:

Peter King writes:

>> About 18 to 20 years ago, a group in Yorktown Heights, NY restored 

>> the former Putnam Line station in town. They acquired a caboose 
>> Conrail to display outside the museum. Unfortunately, no NYC 
>> were available, so they  got a former Pennsy N5. 

>So is this the car that was at Yorktown Heights? (PC 19123)
>If so, I'm glad it has met with a better fate than what I saw was 
>to it.

Yes, it's the Yorktown car. More info: it's not settled that the car 
will be painted PC. Some members  want PC, others want PRR. In any 
case, it will be a long time before the car is done, it's in such 
rough shape.

I'm trying to get a deal going with the museum to sell Bowser HO N5 
cars as a fund raiser for the PC caboose. If it works out, I'll post 
details to the list.

Peter King in NY 

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