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Re: PC: HO Layout Questions

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>In a message dated 97-10-19 23:31:27 EDT, you write:
><< My basement has a vinyl tile floor, but I also have a couple of 
> rugs that I could put down over the tile.  Are there any stong 
> and/or reasons why the rugs are not a good idea?  They sure make my
> basement more inviting. >>
>My only argument against carpet is the problem of finding dropped parts 
>the carpet (like a popped-out Kadee coupler spring, for example).  If 
you do
>not mind tis minor problem, carpeting is fine.
>-Mike Moore

In my workshop/train room, I am currently using an old carpet.  If you 
decide to do this, be sure to get one with low shag.  The only reason I 
have this thing, is that my workshop floor is wooden, and very warped.  
I also suggest, that if possible, keep your workbench area free of 
carpet.  That way, if a small part gets dropped, it'll be easier to 

--Chris Osterhus

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