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PC: New and old cabooses, DRM, updates

[I'm combining two responses in one email]

Jim Hebner wrote:

> The question I posed about the R next to the number - The answer seems to be
> restricted. Either to local service or a speed restriction.

I was told this weekend that it meant that restricted helpers from
coupling behind the caboose. Helper locomotives could not push the
rear of a train with the caboose in front of the helper power.


> Eventually, the car was up for scrapping. Enter the Danbury Railway
> Museum. They stepped in and agreed to take the car last spring. The
> car was trucked to DRM, and there it sits in partial PC paint,
> looking very sad inside.

It's interesting that the DRM caboose comes up in discussion. While I
was at the East Broad Top a couple weekends ago, I was waiting in line
to ride the night train, and I happened to be in line next to about
half of the Danbury Railway Museum's Board of Directors. I was talking
to them for a while about various things, and the subject of Penn
Central came up. (Yes, I told them about the web site. :-) Their opinion
on the matter is: While the Danbury area was part of the New Haven for
such a long time, they did spend 8 years under Penn Central, and 21
years under Conrail. While some of the old timers may hate the idea of
restored PC equipment, like it or not, PC was a part history. Also,
since Danbury was part of Conrail, any CR or predecessor railroad
equipment they consider fair game for the museum.

In addition, a lot of former NH, PRR, NYC, etc., equipment is
disappearing quickly, and what is left may not be in the best shape.
However, it is possible to find retired equipment from the PC, Erie
Lackawanna, etc., era still in decent shape. So it makes sense to
acquire equipment from that era now while it will take less work
to restore and while it is readily available, rather than wait 10-20
years until the "last one" of something will fall apart if it's moved.
So it sounds like the DRM will probably see more PC and other 1970's
era equipment as time goes on.

I then told them about a 40' EL boxcar in fine condition that I saw in
Altoona. I think they were going to be making some phone calls that
Monday morning....

DRM has a web site at http://www.danbury.org/org/drm/ I was told the
site may be moving soon, though.

Also, I (finally) updated the web site. Some new pictures and info were
posted. I was working on assembling all of the magazine modeling 
references into a page, but I didn't have time. If any of you are
bored and want to whip up a quick HTML table with all the references,
be my guest.... :-)


Jerry W. Jordak               The boxcars and flatbeds, whistle blowin' steam
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http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/   Now those big trains don't come anymore
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