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PC: Re: HO Layout Questions

On 10/19/97 11:27 PM, Zeolla (zeolla -AT- erols.com) wrote:

>I have a couple of questions regarding my first attempt at a sizeable HO
>layout, and I was hoping to get some good feedback from the groups.  The
>basis of the layout is "The Central Midland", from one of the Atlas
>layout books, but I've made some changes to better suit my
>interpretation of different Pennsy features.

It's a very nice layout...I considered it myself before my wife "gave me" 
a larger portion of the basement.
>Most of the mainline will be double track, with some sections being four
>tracks wide.  Does anyone have recommendations as to the normal spacing
>between the tracks?  I'm guessing that the spacing would be different on
>curves than on straights.  Is this true?  I spoke with Bob from Model
>Railroad Stone Works last week at Timonium, and am hoping to use his
>four track skewed arch.  Anybody know the spacing that this bridge

In HO, I think 2" spacing on the straights is typical.
>I've also got a spot where I may be able to replicate (sort of) the
>Whitford Bridge crossing over the mainline.  But that's way down the

Sure will be eager to see how this layout turns out for you.  8-)

Jerry Britton <jerry -AT- dsop.com>
"Keystone Crossings" http://prr.dsop.com/
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