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PC: HO Layout Questions

I have a couple of questions regarding my first attempt at a sizeable HO
layout, and I was hoping to get some good feedback from the groups.  The
basis of the layout is "The Central Midland", from one of the Atlas
layout books, but I've made some changes to better suit my
interpretation of different Pennsy features.

My basement has a vinyl tile floor, but I also have a couple of large
rugs that I could put down over the tile.  Are there any stong opinions
and/or reasons why the rugs are not a good idea?  They sure make my
basement more inviting.

Most of the mainline will be double track, with some sections being four
tracks wide.  Does anyone have recommendations as to the normal spacing
between the tracks?  I'm guessing that the spacing would be different on
curves than on straights.  Is this true?  I spoke with Bob from Model
Railroad Stone Works last week at Timonium, and am hoping to use his
four track skewed arch.  Anybody know the spacing that this bridge

I've also got a spot where I may be able to replicate (sort of) the
Whitford Bridge crossing over the mainline.  But that's way down the

Thanks in advance...I'm sure there'll be more issues as I get deeper
into this!

Bob Zeolla.

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