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Re: PC: SD-35 modeling (part 2)

In a message dated 97-10-16 16:20:54 EDT, you write:

> 1.)  I was told (by a poor source?) that the SD-35 was built on 2
>  different frames and
>  that each frame was of different lengths.  I doubt if this is the case,
>  but if it is true, which
>  frame length did the PRR/PC use?  I need distances between the trucks,
>  centers and
>  overall engine length.

The GP35 had two different style of frame construction. The early ones
(phase I) had a frame like a GP7/9/18, the later ones had a frame that
was the same construction that is still used today ( an early GP35 can
be noted by the airline running outside the airtank above the fuel tank
and by a thicker side sill when compared to a 38/40 especially above
the fuel tank). If you want further info on the actual differences in frame
construction I'll have to dig into the archives. I don't believe their were
any differences in the SD35 frames throughout it's manufacturing span.

As far as drawings go, from the ongoing discussion in rec.models.rr,
I gather there isn't really anything out there. There was a old carstens
book that had a drawing of a SD35 but no one could remember whether
it was any good or not. They DID remember that some of the Alco
drawings in the book were terrible however...


>  -Gregg B.

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