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Re: PC: SD-35 modeling (part 2)

Michael L. Wingard wrote:

> According to the "Pennsylvania Railroad Diesel Locomotive Pictorial
> Volume
> Three-Second-Generation EMD Road Switchers" by John D. Hahn, Jr., The
> overall coupled length was 60 ft  8 inches.  Unfortunately, I do not
> have
> any PRR information on the truck centers, but I believe they are
> approximately 35 ft.
> I am planning to rebuild my Atlas SD-35, eventhough it my not be 100%
> accurate.
> Good Luck!
> Michael Wingard  102361.2253 -AT- compuserve.com

     Since you can obtain the data for the SD-35, can you tell me the
data for the SD-7/9?
I'm going to try to use the chassis of an SD-7/9 for this project and
need to know if I
should lengthen or shorten the frame.  It may actually be better for me
to use the SD-40

   By the way, my PC roster now contains U-25C 6513; engine number 27.
I'm finding
that I may have to build another roundhouse or engine shed!

-Gregg B.

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