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Re: PC: PC Ballats cars

At 04:53 PM 10/15/97 -0400, penn-central -AT- smellycat.com wrote:
>Just because I was in college when PC was an infant and CR is now 20+ does not
>mean that I am old. Age is a state of mind.
>In my mind at least PC green is has a gloss on it.
>(Is that a one track mind?) sorry, but it has been a slow e-mail day.
>Jim Hebner


   My apologies for any feelings that might've gotten hurt by the following...


  The really curious part of all this (at least to me, since I go 
back far enough to have prowled the rails in NYC & PRR days) is how I find 
myself scanning the consists for ANY traces of PC heritage, yet also recall 
the absolute disdain for the PC when it happened...the hobby shops around 
here couldn't give away anything in PC reporting marks due to the rabid 
factionalism of the railfan community who were incensed at PC for having 
taken away "their" Pennsy and Central circa 1968 B.C. (before Conrail)...and 
now CR is 20+ years old and about to fade. 

   Somebody's gettin' old here...


   ...the "somebody's gettin' old" was entirely self-referential (meaning 
ME). It wasn't intended as a dig against anyone other than myself...thought 
I had put this in context by defining my time-frame in the 1st sentence... 

Bob Rothrock (bobr -AT- tridelta.com)

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