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PC: Re:


	Greetings.  My name is Chris Hauf, and I am Freight Superintendent with
the Rochester Chapter NRHS's Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum. 

	Just wanted to let you and the other list members know that you will
eventually be able to see PRR N5C #477822 at our museum at our Erie RR
depot in Industry, NY (Town of Rush, NY).    We are in the process of
purchasing PRR N5C #477822 from its current owner with ownership probably
changing hands before the end of the month and movement taking place
sometime over the winter.

	The car will be restored to its PRR livery and will be part of the
operating collection at our museum which includes 5 other cabooses
including soon to be completely restored Penn Central N11 #18526, and 6
operating diesel locomotives including our newly donated (Thanks to the
Eastman Kodak Company) Alco RS-1, ex-Eastman Kodak Company #9.

	Please check out our website at:


	Updates will be coming soon.


Until later,

P.S.  Wouldn't happen to know of any Lehigh Valley steel cupola cabooses on
the market?   Please let me know.   Thanks... 

At 02:19 PM 10/13/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Ex-PRR cabin car Class N5c 477822, original porthole windows, roller bearing
>trucks (can move by rail), $4000 Phone 610-458-8689 (Harrisburg PA area).
>Seth Lakin

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