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Re: PC: SD-35 modeling

In a message dated 97-10-12 11:53:38 EDT, you write:

> The raised section on the roof just at the rear of the cab is a "dust
>  evacuator" for the central air intake, located just below, the former
>  contains an inertial air filter and supplies the fresh air for all the
>  internal mechanisms requiring fresh air (Traction motor blowers, Main
>  generator cooling,  etal. It is not present on the GP and SD 35. It was
>  introduces in 1966 with the 645 engine series. It can be found on all 645 
> and
>  710 engine series, locomotives. The frme is shorter on the SD35 and has no
>  anti-climbers at the frame ends. The trucks are the three motor "flexiciol
>  truck. All axels are equally spaced. the SD40, unless built in from traded

>  in components has the three motor HTC or the updated flexicoil truck with
>  dampering strut on the center axle and only two instead of three brake
>  cylinders, one above each outboard axle. 

The dust bin bulge was present on later 35 series engines. E-L had
GP35's both with and without for example. The Pennsy and NYC GP35's
lacked the dust bin bulge, however the PRR SD35's did have the bulge.
Check out the PC Power book. 

The straight SD40 does NOT have the HTC trucks as an option or other-
wise, The HTC was only available on Dash 2 models as it is longer and
required a longer frame and a different bolster setup; that's the reason a
SD40-2 has larger porches. The Conrail SD40-2's and early SD50's came 
on the older Flexicoil trucks of the SD40 which is a whole 'nother story.
The brake piston placement and number varies on the owners preference
and when the unit was built. Early SD40 and 45's had the brake pistons
mounted low between the wheels ( two only); this was changed when it
became evident that the risk of damage was too great in this position.
The N&W was always a great proponent of triple pistons and even had
them mounted over the dampening strut on the HTC trucks on their 
SD40-2's. In HO flexicoil sideframe with low mount brake pistons are
available from Trainstation Products( formerly smokey valley).
SD35 is 2500hp from the 16 cylinder
>  567D3A engine beginning production in june 1964 and built until Januar6,
>  1966. They  carried 3000 gallons of fuel. They were Pennsy Only, class
>  They were numbered (Penn Central) 6000-6039. They disappeared relatively
>  quickly from service as they were rather fuel-inefficient, compared with
>  newly introduced 645 series GP and SD 40 "Dash 2's" which boasted an
>  incredible 50% better fuel consumption.  I remember the SD35's well they 
> were
>  pretty engines and the famous EMD turbo sound was the BEST from the 35
>  series!               Ed St.George

When I went to Horseshoe Curve for the first time in 1979, there were still
SD35's and GP35's in service on mainline trains. The SD's were gone soon
after, but the GP's lingered for many years on CR. First stored and sometimes
re-stored ;^). I think the last usage was in the late 80's/early 90's but I'd
have to check through my old Railpaces to figure out when exactly. Here
on Guilford the GP35 still lives in the form of old N&W ( some exWabash
and P&WV) and they still sound good. The crews hate 'em though.....


Doug Trueblood

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