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Re: PC: SD-35 modeling

In a message dated 97-10-12 03:04:47 EDT, you write:

> SD-35 using both an
>  SD-40 and a GP-35.  To accomplish this, there are a few questions I need
>  to ask...
>  1.)  There is a raised portion of the roof on my model of the SD-40.
>  The raised area
>  is just behind the cab to just in front of the exhaust stack.  My model
>  of the GP-35
>  has this portion flat with the line of the rest of the roof and cab.
>  I'm not sure what this
>  is, but I'm assuming that it is raised on the SD-40 because of lack of
>  room in the long
>  hood.  What is this called and does it exist on SD-35's? (at least for
>  the PRR)

The bulge is the dust bin associated with the inertial air filteration
On the phase I 35's this bit was lacking; but apparently it was discovered
that the filters (on the hood side behind the cab) didn't keep all the crap
out. So it's one of the features of early vintage 35's both GPand SD, but
was upgradeable. The Pennsy SD35's had the dust bin hatch, though the
GP35's didn't.

>  2.)  The next thing concerns the trucks.  To the best of my knowledge,
>  the trucks on
>  an SD-35 are the same trucks on an SD-7/9.  I also believe the trucks on
>  an SD-40
>  are actually just an updated version of the old SD-7/9/35 truck.  What
>  are the differences
>  between the two?

The trucks on the early SD's ( 7,9,18,24, 35) were all the same, as were 
the frames. These trucks had  a equal spacing of the axles; the trucks
on most SD40's ( and later SD's) had a larger spacing between the out-
board axle and the center axle for some reason. So for your SD35 the
trucks from a P2K Sd7 or 9 would be more correct than the trucks from
a SD40. And the frame would be the correct length w/o hacking up your
Kato SD40 frame. You'd have to modify the fuel tank slightly also.

The Spetember Model Railroading has an article on kitbashing a HO
SD35 that would be useful to you. And there also has been a raging
discussion of SD35's on rec.models.railroad recently that would prolly
be of interest ( go to www.dejanews.com and do a search on SD35).

Good Luck,

Doug Trueblood

>  P.S.   This project is in N-scale.

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