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PC: SD-35 modeling

SD-35 using both an
SD-40 and a GP-35.  To accomplish this, there are a few questions I need
to ask...

1.)  There is a raised portion of the roof on my model of the SD-40.
The raised area
is just behind the cab to just in front of the exhaust stack.  My model
of the GP-35
has this portion flat with the line of the rest of the roof and cab.
I'm not sure what this
is, but I'm assuming that it is raised on the SD-40 because of lack of
room in the long
hood.  What is this called and does it exist on SD-35's? (at least for
the PRR)

2.)  The next thing concerns the trucks.  To the best of my knowledge,
the trucks on
an SD-35 are the same trucks on an SD-7/9.  I also believe the trucks on
an SD-40
are actually just an updated version of the old SD-7/9/35 truck.  What
are the differences
between the two?

Of couse, any other information concerning this project would be greatly

Please reply to me at benedict -AT- htc.net.   Thanks.

-Gregg B.

P.S.   This project is in N-scale.

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