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Re: PC: U-25C modeling

EMDSD80MAC -AT- aol.com wrote:
> The U25C, built by GE 1963-1965, has the FDL-16, 2500 hp, 16 cyl engine, 61
> were produced for the USA-ONLY. They were available in both high and low nose
> versions.  Units with dynamic brakes had resistor grids visible through the
> radiator screen. The unit has a longer underframe and "slightly shorter"
> short hood tham the U25B. the same applies with the U28B&C's. The 6 wheel
> truck is similar to Alco's double-equalized trimount truck, but has HEavier
> drop equalizers and a slightly tapering truck frame, as opposed to the Alco
> version The center axle
> was off-center,  denoting motors on all axles. All of the Penn Central U25C's
> came from the Pennsy. They had 40 of them 6500-6539. The "steps" on walkway
> at the rear of the units are 9" from the rear step going forward to 9" ahead
> of the radiator grids. They're traction motor blowers. These "steps are
> unique to the U25C and not found on 28, 30, 33 or 36 C's  Ed St.George

To add to this,

Mexico received the ex-SCL U-25C's in 1980.  Also, I believe the PRR
only had 20 U-25C's 6500-6519, the 6520-6539 were actually U-28C's in a
U-25C carbody.  Similar to the P&LE U-28B's which are disguised in U-25B

Hope this helps.

Dale A. DeVene Jr.

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