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Re: PC: U-25C modeling

Kate Benedict wrote:
> some fairly clear pictures of preferably left and right side views.  If
> pictures are available send them to me.
>    If there aren't any decent pictures around, there are a few general
> questions concerning modeling.
>    1.)  I am going to start with a U-25B with some additional parts from
> U-30C and U-28C shells.  I believe the nose on a U-25C is shorter than
> that of a U-25B.  If  so, is
> it approximately the size of a U-30/U-28 ?
>    2.)  Along the walkway near the rear of the engine there is a raised
> section on both the U-25B and U-25C.  Some pictures are hinting to this
> section being longer on a U-25C than on a U-25B.  Is this the case?
> Also, about how far from the end of the walkway does this raised section
> end?  I believe it is closer to the end on a U-25C.
>    3.)  I know the U-25C has an unusual wheel/truck arrangement.  This
> is similar to the
> RSD-4/5/12/15, E-44 and the FM Trainmaster.  Which one of these most
> closely resembles the U-25C truck?  Are these trucks all actually
> identical?
>   I know old Jerry Jordack seems to be the U-25C specialist.  I would
> appreciate some input on this Jerry.  If anyone has any ideas or
> comments that may help, please E-mail me at benedict -AT- htc.net.
>                                                      -Gregg B.


I can remember when everyone down at the Marion Model Railroad Club was
building U-25B's from the AHM U-25C!  I think the shell is resonably
correct, but would take a lot of work to make it a good model.  Good

Dale A. DeVene Jr.

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