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Re: PC: U-25C modeling

The U25C, built by GE 1963-1965, has the FDL-16, 2500 hp, 16 cyl engine, 61
were produced for the USA-ONLY. They were available in both high and low nose
versions.  Units with dynamic brakes had resistor grids visible through the
radiator screen. The unit has a longer underframe and "slightly shorter"
short hood tham the U25B. the same applies with the U28B&C's. The 6 wheel
truck is similar to Alco's double-equalized trimount truck, but has HEavier
drop equalizers and a slightly tapering truck frame, as opposed to the Alco
version The center axle
was off-center,  denoting motors on all axles. All of the Penn Central U25C's
came from the Pennsy. They had 40 of them 6500-6539. The "steps" on walkway
at the rear of the units are 9" from the rear step going forward to 9" ahead
of the radiator grids. They're traction motor blowers. These "steps are
unique to the U25C and not found on 28, 30, 33 or 36 C's  Ed St.George

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