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New York Central car M-497, the RDC-3 that had the two B-47 jet engines
attached for the speed runs in 1966, had the engines and streamlined nose
removed right after those runs.  The car had its regular diesel power
reconnected and the car returned to Harmon where it returned to regular
revenue service.  The M-497 passed to Penn Central and was renumbered first
as Penn Central 97, then as Penn Central 98 in 1969.  In May 1976 the car
was sold to Conrail, where it retained its last Penn Central number.  The
car was then cannibalized and was officially retired in December 1977, and
was awaiting scrapping as of February 1982.  I assume it is gone now.
(Source:  "Budd Car - The RDC Story" by Chuck Crouse, copyright 1990 by
Weekend Chief Publishing Company, Mineola, New York)

According to that same source, NYC M-480, an RDC-2, went through PC to
Amtrak where it was used as the Ivy City (Washington DC coach yard) shuttle,
then went to the Alaska Railroad, and was in service there as on November
1989.  The book also show quite a number of former New Haven cars also in
service on the Alaska RR or on that property awaiting refurbishing as of 1989.

Philip.Kuhl -AT- ping.be

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