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Re: PC: PC Green & RDC

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>> What color comes closest to PC green?  I have used Floquil (now 
>> Accu-Flex (temporarly discountinued) and now Polly S.  All of them 
have different shades of green.
>I also have used Scalecoat PC green.  Who has the exact color or which 
>correct, I am not sure. The scalecoat to me look good. 
>When you look at slides there is a range of color, weathering, lighting 
>quality of film processing all can change the way it looks. Even the 
>on your layout can change the color.
>Best advice - unless someone else on the list has a better answer, pick 
>looks best to you and your layout lighting, one that you can and like 
to work
>with and stick with it. At least one shade of green is better than 4 or 
>if you mix in commercially painted equipment.
>Does anyone else think Intermountain totally missed the color on their 
>covered hoppers?
>Speaking on painting - hope everyone uses a paint booth rather than 
inhale all
>the fumes.
>Jim Hebner
I remember Testors sold a military green.  It dries to a flat sheen, 
with very little brush strokes showing.  It may be possible to use this, 
with a little white added, depending on the amount of fading desired.

--Chris Osterhus

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