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Re: PC: PC Green & RDC

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>In a message dated 97-09-29 14:16:48 EDT, you write:
>> Also the PC RDC cars, who was the previous owner? Where were they 
>>  When were they retired? Do any still exist? and finially, NYC 
>>  with mounting a jet engine on the roof of the car what happened to 
>>  project?
>>  Seth Lakin
>>  Chesterton IN
>The NYC Jet Budd was re-converted back into a normal car. Can't
>remember exactly where I read this but the deal was merely to 
>butter up/brown nose federal officials rather than a serious attempt
>at high speed service. The green frog NYC set has footage of the
>experiment if you haven't already seen it.
>Doug Trueblood
TRAINS ran a story on it.  I think it was during an interview with 
Perlman, that this project was discussed...I can't remember the exact 
issue--it was a while back...

--Chris Osterhus

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