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Re: PC: PC Green & RDC

> What color comes closest to PC green?  I have used Floquil (now discountinued),
> Accu-Flex (temporarly discountinued) and now Polly S.  All of them have different shades of green.

I also have used Scalecoat PC green.  Who has the exact color or which is
correct, I am not sure. The scalecoat to me look good. 

When you look at slides there is a range of color, weathering, lighting and
quality of film processing all can change the way it looks. Even the lighting
on your layout can change the color.

Best advice - unless someone else on the list has a better answer, pick what
looks best to you and your layout lighting, one that you can and like to work
with and stick with it. At least one shade of green is better than 4 or more
if you mix in commercially painted equipment.

Does anyone else think Intermountain totally missed the color on their PC
covered hoppers?

Speaking on painting - hope everyone uses a paint booth rather than inhale all
the fumes.

Jim Hebner

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