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Re: PC: PC Green & RDC

An exNH RDC (#42) is preserved in Fall River, MA. I believe at least one
exNH exPC unit made it to Amtrak. Some RDCs were converted to passenger
coaches by MBTA, but they were mostly former B&M units.


On Mon, 29 Sep 1997 LAKINSA -AT- AXP.CALUMET.PURDUE.EDU wrote:

> What color comes closest to PC green?  I have used Floquil (now discountinued),
> Accu-Flex (temporarly discountinued) and now Polly S.  All of them have different shades of green.
> Also the PC RDC cars, who was the previous owner? Where were they operated?
> When were they retired? Do any still exist? and finially, NYC expairmented
> with mounting a jet engine on the roof of the car what happened to this
> project?
> Seth Lakin
> Chesterton IN

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