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Re: PC: PC Green & RDC

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> What color comes closest to PC green?  I have used Floquil (now 
> Accu-Flex (temporarly discountinued) and now Polly S.  All of them have 
different shades of green.

I think that the Floquil was the closest.  The Polly S. and Accu-Flex are 
very close, certainly close enough after you weather the cars.  The Polly
S. and Accu-Flex paints have the benefit of not using nasty solvents, so
in my book, they are better.  

On a related note, I was travelling through Longmont, Colorado yesterday 
when I came upon a very run down, rusty green box car.  The shade was
very similar to the NYC/PC jade green given 25+ years of weathering. The
original reporting marks and logo were painted over and the car was 
restencilled for CP.

I managed to move around enough to get the sun angle just right and was
able to make out the original owner of the car under the painted out
areas: P&LE.

Luckily I had my camera with me so I grabbed a shot.  Mostly to have 
some modern views of an old car.

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