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Re: PC: GG1

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> >  It is openned to the public, however being 6' 3" I couldn't bend myself in
> >  such a way as to fit through the door into the cab easily.

When I still lived in New York, I had the opportunity to visit the interior 
of the GG1 at the State Fair grounds in Syracuse.  I'm 5'-9", and had a
"crowded" feeling wandering the innards of that loco.  For something that
large on the outside, there wasn't much room on the inside.

> >  How did the engineers fit in there? Also once in there I noticed it to be
> >  small and cramped.  They were nice looking on the outside but sure
> >  uncomfortable inside.

Once you get to the operator's position, there is more room.  The "hallways"
and entry ways were small.  Visibility from the cab is *very* limited. No
better than peering down the boiler of a K4s. :^)

> All the engineers were probably knicknamed "stumpy" :^).....

Or lumpy. (from bumping their heads)

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