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Re: PC: GG1

In a message dated 97-09-29 07:22:34 EDT, you write:

> A few years ago while in Altoona I visited the railroad museum there and
>  tried to get into the GG-1 on display.
>  It is openned to the public, however being 6' 3" I couldn't bend myself in
>  such a way as to fit through the door into the cab easily.
>  How did the engineers fit in there? Also once in there I noticed it to be
>  small and cramped.  They were nice looking on the outside but sure
>  uncomfortable inside.

I wondered the same thing myself ( 6'1"). About ten years back there was
a raging discussion in rec.model.railroad about how they should just rebuild
the 'G's and keep them in service. Nobody proposing such a course could
ever have been inside of one of those beasts. All the charm of a medival
dundgeon, you had to love the heavy duty 3' tall arch in the doorway :^).

All the engineers were probably knicknamed "stumpy" :^).....

Doug Trueblood

ps I did enjoy riding behind a pair of G's in '75 on the NEC. Filthy
and dirty, but they MOVED!

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