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>> Did the Valley Rail Museum at Essex Conn. get a E-33?  I
>> seem to remember that they did, but I have been wrong
>> before.

>I tried to check out this lead last summer, but didn't get very far.

>The day I was there, all they seemed interested in was running the 
>and were not able to provide any detailed info on the museum's 
>(I did climb on and around the NYC E unit, though. :^)

>I also tried to get some info from the Danbury RR Museum.  One of 
>two groups has a NH U-25B, right?

The Danbury Museum does not have the U25B. They have an Alco RS-1, 
which was restored to NH orange & green last spring. I do recall that 
someone had the U-boat, but I don't remember who.

Peter King in NY

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