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Re: PC: PC Preserved Electrics

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>      The EP-5's were truly revolutionary locomotives for their time. 
> However, they were more the victims of New Haven's deteriorating
> financial situation than their own technology. 

I remember reading somewhere that the EP-5s were used on some trials 
on the PRR, and their results were that the compact design (for 
operation in the NH/NYC tunnels under GCT) caused cooling problems that
precluded certain high perfmance passenger schedules.

Second hand talk of the Jets seemed to indicate that their nickname
came from the loud sound of their blowers. Louder than other juicers
because they had to move more air due to the HP/volume limitation.

>      The 131? (my roster shows VGN numbers 132-141 originally) has
> been completely restored to VGN livery.  It looks great, I have seen it for
> myself. 

This is the most definitive work I've seen on the EL-3a/EF-4/E-33 on the  

He also mentions the unit in Essex, CT.

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