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RE: PC: New Haven Schemes - was PC Loco and Caboose Questions;ALCO

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> You bet!  I've got Kodachromes of blue "flying bricks" complete with can
> openner.

I had a hunch that some did.  The freight motors seemed to be indestructable.
Too bad the Jets (EP-5s) didn't have the same longevity.  Too many horses
packed into too small a car body.

My research shows that at least *one* E-33 has been preserved.  This is 
at the Virginia Museum of Transportation.  It is classified back to it's
original owner, the Virginian Railway, as an EL-3a, #131.

Does anyone know if it has been restored, or has it just been "saved" 
from the torch?

What about any of the ex-NYC passenger and freight motors like the P2s?
I remember watching electrics getting swapped on and off trains in White
Plains and Harmon back in '67 and '68.

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