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Re: PC: New Haven Schemes - was PC Loco and Caboose Questions;ALCO

RLMower -AT- aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-09-25 17:20:30 EDT, you write:
> << I don't remember offhand if any E-33s made it to conrail. >>
> I believe 10 or so E-33's made it to CR most were repainted CR blue.  Conrail
> went thru an extensive rebuilding  program in the early 80's to convert them
> to solid state rectifiers.
> Randy

I have photos of the 4603, 4604, 4605, 4608 in Conrail Blue.

Also found a photo of CR 7272 on May 1, 1982 at Framingham, MA with a
good bit of the NH showing through on the engineers side.

Strange note on the NH units in general.  Many had the Hancock air
whistle and for us flatland Ohioans, who had never heard one, the first
one we heard flipped us out!  We thought it was a steam engine at first
as it whistled through Findlays many grade crossings.  But as it got
closer, we had no idea what it was.  We were quite dissapointed to see
it was only another old PC GP-9.  It took us several weeks of searching
to find out about the whistles.  There were two or three of the GP-9's
were running out of Columbus, Ohio on the Whirlpool turn to North
Findlay in the late 60's, early 70's.  This train ran six and often
times seven a days out of the Whirlpool plant in North Findlay, Ohio. 
Trains ranged anywhere from 50 to 130 cars a night!!  Penn Central
certainly made money on that one!  Now the traffic is down to nil as
trucks have it all.  

Dale DeVene

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