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Re: PC: PC U25B's

Robert Holzweiss wrote:
> Carl K Vogel wrote:
> > Please tell me more about that U-25B. Being new to this forum, that
> "NH"
> > stands for New Hampshire?? Where they green.
> >
> > I ask because did any pass through from PC to CR???  I am running a
> CR
> > U25-B and would like to know if I am even close to prototypical.
> Jerry Jordak responded:
> NH stands for "New Haven", short for New York, New Haven &
> Hartford. They were a railroad in New England that was merged by ICC
> directive into PC on 12/31/68. (It probably didn't help matters on the PC,
> either.)
> New Haven had green locomotives in the earlier diesel era, then came
> out with the red, white, and black "McGinnis" paint scheme in the 1950's.
> This paint scheme appeared on the EP-5s and FL9s. Later diesel
> schemes had black bodies with red cabs, and the U25Bs had stripes
> down the long hood and large NH letters. See the PC web site for
> pictures of ex-NH locomotives.
> Your Conrail U25B is prototypical, depending on the era you're modelling.
> CR inherited a couple hundred from PC and Erie Lackawanna. The last of
> them were retired in 1984."
>      The CR U25B's were numbered as follows:
>          CR 2500-2569    -    ex PC/NYC 2500-2569
>          CR 2570-2596    -    ex EL 2501-2527
>          CR 2600-2648    -    ex PC 2600-2648, ex PRR 2500-2548
>          CR 2649-2659    -    ex PC 2649-2659, ex PRR 2649-2659
>          CR 2660-2685    -    ex PC 2660-2685, ex NH 2500-2525
>      As you can see all the pre CR railroads numbered their U25B's into
> the 2500 number series because of the 2500 H.P. of the locomotive.  If
> you are a stickler for prototypical accuracy there are a wide variety of
> options included in the CR U25B fleet.  It is a safe bet that the U25B model
> will be accurate to one of the CR U25B's.
>      Don't forget the New Havens orange with silver stripe paint scheme
> that the FA's originally wore.
> Bob Holzweiss
> "Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

To all.

I have a shot of CR/PC/NYC 2565 at Marion, Ohio in June 1978 with the
white frame stripe mentioned.  Definently a NYC engine.

Dale DeVene

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