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Re: PC: New Haven Schemes - was PC Loco and Caboose Questions;ALCO

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> Guess I don't know a EP-5 from a E-33.

An E-33 looks like an E-44. (I'll bet that helps a lot. :^)

> How old is the orange scheme?  What scheme did they have before or after?

I'm not certain what ages to assign to the orange paint scheme on the
E-33s, but before the New Haven paint and after, all of the E-33s wore 
the same color...black. ownership of the E-33 fleet went from the 
Virginian railway to NH, then to PC.

Kinda like they were meant to be that color...

I don't remember offhand if any E-33s made it to conrail.

My current scratchbuilding project is a set of E-44 locos. One will 
wear Pennsy colors, the other PC.  After they are done, I plan on 
building an E-33 or two.  The orange paint will be applied to one.

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