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PC: RE: New Haven Schemes - was PC Loco and Caboose Questions;ALCOQuestion

>>New Haven had green locomotives in the earlier diesel era, then came out
>>with the red, white, and black "McGinnis" paint scheme in the 1950's.
>>This paint scheme appeared on the EP-5s and FL9s. Later diesel schemes
>>had black bodies with red cabs, and the U25Bs had stripes down the
>>long hood and large NH letters. See the PC web site for pictures of
>>ex-NH locomotives.
>The New Haven McGinnis scheme was also applied to FAs and PAs.

And to the FM CPA-24-5 C-Liners.

>The later diesel scheme with black bodies and red cabs was applied to GP7s
>(GP9s?), RS-3s, and?


>The later scheme with stripes also appeared on C425, the last diesels that
>New Haven received (1968).
>The EP-5s got an orange paint job with stripes later.

There was also an orange with silver pin-stripes schemes that the FA1s
were delivered in, the so called "layer cake".  One PA was painted in a
red variation of the Hunter green scheme for service on the "Cranberry".

Seems like the NH was as bad as the LV when it came to paint schemes.

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