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Re: PC: Repainted NYC hoppers

In a message dated 97-09-24 16:40:06 EDT, you write:

> >I am seeking info on how PC repainted their covered hoppers like the 
>  recently
>  >released NYC 6-bay from Atlas. Is this a correct prototype for NYC 
>  and PC?
>  >Were the cars renumbered and into what series? Thanks for your help.
>  The Atlas cars are correct for NYC, and have the correct numbers on 
>  them. I do not have any information on the PC equivalent, but hope 
>  that the upcoming Morning Sun book has info.
>  If you find out anything, please let the group know.
>  Peter King in NY

Anyone know the number of the ATLAS/NYC cars? According to
the Morning Sun NYC book the NYC only had one car built by ACF.
I have a '67 Equipment Register and it shows other shorter "center
flows" which wouldn't necessarily mean it's the same as the early
cylinderical style.

BTW I went through all my CR and predecessor slides that I have
catalog'd (250+) and only found PRR cylindrical hoppers; no NYC,
PC or CR. This of course isn't a scientific survey, but I'm sure I'd
have taken picture of anything I'd seen.....

Doug Trueblood

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