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Re: PC: PC Loco and Caboose Questions;ALCO Question

Carl K Vogel wrote:
> Please tell me more about that U-25B. Being new to this forum, that "NH"
> stands for New Hampshire?? Where they green.
> I ask because did any pass through from PC to CR???  I am running a CR
> U25-B and would like to know if I am even close to prototypical.

NH stands for "New Haven", short for New York, New Haven & Hartford.
They were a railroad in New England that was merged by ICC directive
into PC on 12/31/68. (It probably didn't help matters on the PC, either.)

New Haven had green locomotives in the earlier diesel era, then came out
with the red, white, and black "McGinnis" paint scheme in the 1950's.
This paint scheme appeared on the EP-5s and FL9s. Later diesel schemes
had black bodies with red cabs, and the U25Bs had stripes down the
long hood and large NH letters. See the PC web site for pictures of
ex-NH locomotives.

Your Conrail U25B is prototypical, depending on the era you're modelling.
CR inherited a couple hundred from PC and Erie Lackawanna. The last of
them were retired in 1984.


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