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Re: PC: PC Loco and Caboose Questions;ALCO Question

In a message dated 97-09-23 10:39:38 EDT, you write:

> Walthers' International bay window caboose is being released in NYC
>  colors. Which PC caboose class is this? I'll get a few if they are
>  appropriate.

In a prior discussion of PC cabooses I wrote the following:

The new caboose from walthers is based on a International design and
are similar to either N7C cars built for the Peoria and Eastern in 1966
and/or the N12 class cars built for PC in 1970-71. The kit is closer to
the P&E cars, except for the style of windows. The N12's had the same
style flush mount windows, but in a different location(s). The kit includes
a NYC style baywindow ( short and funky) that they apparently styled
from the P&E car. N7C's were numbered 21496-21499 and N12's were
numbered 24500-24549. The style of roof on the kit probably doesn't
match either PC car but for the interpid a Athearn bay window cab roof
could be installed ( not by this cowboy <g>). The N12's also had the
cupola mounted closer to the roof than the kit, which is doable.

Doug Trueblood

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