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Re: PC: Re: PC engines in pre-PC paint

I asked my neighbor, John Corley, General foreman at Beacon Park Engine
House, Boston about this paint scheme question. He stated that to the best of
his memory. All PC road power had been identified with either PC worms or
lettering by the fall of 1975. However, Many engines still sported parts of
their original paint schemes as they would only be repainted during a major
overhaul. He said that a lot of GP40 engines went to Conrail with their white
frame stripe and possibly their NYC numbers still proudly displayed. Beacon
Park was home base for 151 GP40's, mostly NYC. Some passenger power, the one
area where Penn Central was lacking, Made it to Conrail in their original
paint schemes, sporting only their new numbers, if indicated and their small
PC worms on the nose. He does recall that the Peoria and Eastern GP7's all
made it to Conrail in original condition. Peoria and Eastern was a NYC
subsidiary. Their Power reached Beacon Park as "pool switching power"
Otherwise...He doesn't remember! Hope this helps    Ed 

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