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Re: PC: Modeling PC

In a message dated 97-09-12 10:33:47 EDT, you write:

> The Sept 96 issue of RMC has info about modeling the X-72 and, X-72a 50'
>  boxcars.  This easy one or two evening project could be done by anyone
>  advanced to the beginer.  Check it out!
>  Seth Lakin 
>  Chesterton IN

That's a pretty good article. The Life-Like X72 kit is pretty good
it's a trainset fodder model. Too bad LL never did it in PC! I've found that
R Us sells them for $3-4 each usually, you just have to strip the Vlasic
paint scheme off of them.

One thing that Jim didn't pick up on is that X72 cars have a small PC on them
and X72A cars had the large worm. He does mention the exNYC cars that were
similar, but had a peaked roof and mutant panel doors. Fooled me too, wasn't
until I took a picture of two of them side by side that I picked up on the
between the two.

The X72's were ubitiqtous (sic) until the late 80's on CR when a lot of them 
went to the Canadian National ( the CN painted them boxcar red and they're
bare, ie no logo just CN reporting marks).

Thank goodness for the Detail West Evans Underframe kit!

Doug Trueblood

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